How to Add a Personalized Touch To Your Engagement Ring

Every woman dreams of having a one-of-a-kind engagement ring. But in an industry field with so many options, is there still such a thing as unique? Most jewelers manufacture their engagement and wedding rings using traditional design ideas. Some would introduce new concepts to break the norm and establish new trends to offer variety. But if none of these speak to your particular style, it is time to consider to design your custom rings at Moi Moi.

Customizing your own engagement ring is not just about the aesthetic appearance or style. If you want the ring to symbolize something more important or of value about your relationship, you should go for personalized details with symbolic significance. Here are some ideas that you can try for customizing your rings.

Design your Custom Rings at Moi Moi

Engrave It

The idea of engraving to design your custom rings at Moi Moi might seem like a common idea. However, what you choose to engrave is what will make your ring unique. It is a standard choice to engrave your loved one’s name on the ring. Other couples choose to add their initials or a meaningful saying. Another idea on what to engrave is a special date for your relationship. For example, the date of your anniversary, first date, or even the day you met.

Most rings apply engraving on the inside of the band. However, you can also opt for something creative by adding the engraved detail on the exterior. You can talk to your jeweler about your design options and what styles they would recommend.

Small Symbolic Details

A great way to add a customized design to your ring would be to incorporate symbolic details. You can accomplish this using various ideas. One example is to add a love knot that only the recipient knows about since it is not visible when worn. This is a good idea for engagement or wedding rings because it can signify how you are interlocked with each other through your relationship.

Another idea to try is to add a small gemstone to the inside of the ring. To make it extra special, choose your loved one’s favorite gemstone, or even one’s birthstone. The gemstone instantly adds a unique aesthetic detail to the ring. Whatever the symbolic significance of the gemstone may be, you can place it in a hidden spot in the ring. Therefore, the recipient will find this little surprise detail once he or she receives and wears the ring.

Leave Room for Customization

If you are buying a wedding ring, always add room to customize the ring after your wedding. As your relationship continues to grow and develop even after your wedding, there might be new memories that you would like to commemorate and immortalize through your ring (the most important symbol of your love). Many choose to engrave the name of their child or children into the ring.

Are you looking for more ideas on how to design your custom rings at Moi Moi? You can visit their website at and speak to their expert jewelers about your options.