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Why Tempering Valves Are a Necessity

People in Australia have a lot to be thankful for tempering valves. Without it, ensuring the safety of everyone when using hot water while complying with the law would have been mind-numbing.

The Plumbing Code of Australia (PCA) requires that stored hot water must be kept at a minimum temperature of 60°C to protect against the growth of bacteria that causes Legionnaires’ disease.

But the same law also requires that the temperature of hot water that will be delivered to bathroom taps and for personal hygiene purposes must not exceed 50°C. And for early childhood centers, nursing homes, and similar facilities, the maximum temperature must not exceed 45°C.

Satisfying all these requirements would require a complicated plumbing system. But thanks to tempering valves, hot and cold water can be mixed at a constant temperature and delivered at a required level using nothing more than a single plumbing part. Learn more about AUSTWORLD

Find Tempering Valves in Australia

Australian tempering valves are widely available and can be bought retail or wholesale. But if you want the best and most reliable, get one from Austworld, an innovator in Australian plumbing.

What makes their tempering valves different?

  • Guaranteed high quality. They were the first company to be granted the Watermark Certification due to their rigorous approach to quality control. So you are assured that the products you acquire from them meet the highest standards.
  • Well-developed base of experience. Buyers are assured that products are manufactured based on the real conditions where they must function.
  • Continued innovation. Austworld knows that plumbing products can be better. This why they continued to explore every opportunity to innovate.
  • High-value customer service. Austworld always keeps their clients in mind, enabling them to provide what clients need when they need it.
  • Given the company’s culture and ethics, you are assured of high-quality tempering valves in Australia. The same thing can be said for the other products they carry.

Different Tempering Valves

All new or renovated homes are now required by the PCA to have tempering valves and thermostatic mixing valves installed.

The only exceptions are those tankless continuous flow hot water systems. The absence of a tank means Legionella bacteria have no place to breed and grow in. Therefore, there is need to store water at the prescribed temperature. The delivery temperature of hot water is also pre-set at the factory.

But if you do need tempering valves, you should know that types vary according to different hot water heaters. The difference is based on the temperature and pressure of incoming hot water that is colour coded by the application.

  • Blue is used with electric water heaters that supply hot water with temperatures between 65°C and 75°C.
  • Green is designed for gas hot water systems, including the tankless models.
  • Orange is a high performing valve designed for hot water systems with a temperature that reaches boiling point, such as solar hot water and heat pump hot water systems.
  • Black is used with systems with large capacity and low-pressure gravity feed.

Whichever tempering valves you choose, it is highly recommended that you have them replaced every 5 years. Learn more at

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