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Finding the Right Battery Shop in Melbourne for Your Vehicle

Whilst it is essential to always keep an extra battery ready, most people consider it as impractical. Oftentimes, they tend to replace a vehicle battery once it breaks down – either on roads, at the garage right when they get ready for work, or if they’re unlucky, on one of Melbourne’s busy highways. If you are one of those people, then, it would be a good thing to keep a battery shop Melbourne has to offer so you can contact them when you need a replacement.

battery shop melbourne

Before you hit the battery shop…

On average, you will likely replace a car battery only once or twice throughout your car’s lifetime usually because it gets worn out from regular use and charging. Once it gets to the point of breaking down, it can be a great hassle. That is why it is important to keep a record of the day you use a new and fresh battery and what time of the year you have it checked.

Yes, it is necessary to always check your car battery at least once a year in one of the city’s repair shops or a Melbourne battery shop especially if it has already been used for two years already. So, before you go and pick your replacement car battery, make sure that you follow these tips.

Battery specifications should fit your driving needs

It is ideal to always check the user’s manual when you plan to get a replacement battery to determine the right size and terminal locations fit for your vehicle. Wrong sizes of battery won’t start your car as well as incorrect or incompatible terminal locations may cause trouble for the cables to be properly fastened.

Find the brand which works well in battery tests

It is important that you not only look for batteries that passed the battery-life, reserve-capacity, and cold-cranking amps test, but also to look for a battery shop Melbourne wide which is known to provide high-quality batteries of any kind. One of which is the Battery Zone, a one-stop-shop for batteries and other energy saving devices in Melbourne.

In a battery-life test, the battery is partially drained and then recharging it several times in a certain period of time. The battery in this kind of test must meet a specified voltage and amperage limit required for a real-life usage. On the other hand, during a reserve-capacity test, the battery is expected to exhibit a high capacity to supply power despite the absence of the charging system whilst leaving the headlights and other accessories running.

Find ways to recycle old batteries

Vehicle batteries must be disposed of properly because they contain harmful lead and acid which can be toxic to humans and animals that may come in contact with it. But, find a battery shop in Melbourne that accepts old battery for recycling. More retailers and distributors now dispose of the old batteries for you, refunding you the extra charges for buying a new one.

Be mindful of warranties

The best Melbourne battery shop offers you the longest free replacement period for your battery. Oftentimes, a battery warranty is measured through a free replacement period and the prorated period wherein you will be allowed for a partial reimbursement. It usually follows a 24-month free replacement and 84-month prorated replacement period.

So, make sure that you are given warranties for your batteries to ensure that they are fresh and authentic. If you want to purchase other types of batteries for your home and office use, search for a battery shop Melbourne wide that has proven customer satisfaction legacy.

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